Flow Loops for Nincompoops

Maya, Zach, Thomas and I traveled down to Portland for Forcelandia earlier this month for the amazing admineloper conference. I was so excited to share my love of Flow loops in my first regional conference presentation!

me presenting
Forcelandia is held at The Kennedy School, an old elementary school turned into a hotel by McMenamin’s.

Flow Loops unlock incredible power previously held only by devs. Without using any code, Admins can create an automated process to loop through all related records and take actions based on what is found there!

Demo scenario 1: Hollywood for the Holidays’ will connect you with a celebrity to spend the holidays with! Folks fill out the lead form with an interest and a holiday. Our Flow will loop through all confirmed celebrities and create an opportunity for each celebrity.

Demo Scenario 2: Add a decision element. If the celebrity is “interested”, instead of confirmed, e-mail their agent. Otherwise, create the opportunity as normal.

Demo Scenario 3: Loop through all celebrities and return a total of three. Send an email to the customer with a bulleted list of three celebrities.

Download slide PDFS and refer to the videos below for demos (no audio. Sorry).

Install the flows into a developer org to play around with them! [Updated link June 2019]

More resources at the end.

Demo Scenario 2: Add a decision element. If the celebrity is “interested”, instead of confirmed e-mail their agent

Additional Resources

My blog posts on Flows.

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