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Easy Opt Out of Email App on AppExchange

Include a “click here to unsubscribe” link in your email to allow constituents to easily opt-out from email sent from Salesforce. Simply add a merge field into your email template, and when clicked, all contacts and leads with the relevant email address will be checked “Email Opt Out.”

Installation instructions here. Includes troubleshooting information.

Report on Frequency of Unsubscribes

What campaigns are getting the most unsubscribes? Run a report on the custom Unsubscribe Link object included in the package to see when people choose to opt-out.

Confirmation Email?

Do you want to send out an email to confirm that the person has successfully unsubscribed? Great. You’re all set. If not, simply toggle no confirmation email in set up.

What reviewers say

Elegant solution – amazing support

Was able to implement this really easily. The extensive documentation and blog guide really helped. We even managed to create a 2nd mergefield that triggers the same process in another language – with the help of the developer. Totally recommend it!

― Jason Shi

Does exactly what I needed!

I have tested this twice, once in 2020 and once today. The new updates make it easier to install and use…Thanks for all your hard work and for putting this out there for free.

― Byrn Gormley

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