Dynamic Picklist List Choices in Flow

You can’t do a user lookup inside a screen element in Flow, so create dynamic record choices instead! No need to hardcode the names of employees who might leave.


  • Dynamic Record Choice – don’t need to hard code the values if they may change!
  • Default Picklist Value
  • Screen element in the flow.

My Specific Use Case

The Account Executive at Optimum Energy chooses an Energy Engineer (custom lookup to user record) on the Quote and launches the Pricing Request Flow with a button. A picklist with dynamic record choices looks for users matching certain criteria and makes a picklist of their names – that way when users change, I don’t have to go back in to a hardcoded flow and adjust. The flow shows the Engineer already selected on the Quote as the default. Why am I doing this at all? I use a Pricing Request Flow to walk users through completing the fields required for a pricing request, which are different from fields required for the quote to save, so I walk my users through answering the right questions and fields in flow screens.

Download detailedHow-To with Pictures Here


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