Salesforce Automation: Phenomenal Cosmic Power (itty bitty query space)

If you’re a Developer, you’re probably fairly familiar with your org’s Governor Limits (CPU Time, SOQL queries, DML operations). But if you’re an Admineloper or Business Analyst, excited to design automation with new tools like process builder and visual flow, you might not be taking these limits into account, and subsequently hitting errors.

This last week I had the immense pleasure of presenting on this topic at Forcelandia. My session provided an overview of Governor Limits, how they pertain to Process Builder and Flow, and tips for avoiding hitting these limits with your clicks-not-code automation.

My Session also provided free cookies, so if you didn’t attend I’m truly sorry for the major case of FOMO you’re clearly suffering from right now. Especially if you’re this guy:


I suggest you buy yourself a nice cookie to eat while you check out the presentation slide deck:

Unfortunately for you (but fortunately for me) there is no video recording of this presentation. But if you had any doubts about missing out on those cookies, here is a picture of me presenting:

Note: The room is not on fire, and people aren’t screaming, flailing their arms in the air, or throwing rotten tomatoes at me (things all newbie public speakers fear).

Big thank you to the Forcelandia Team for letting me present this! Hope to see many of you there next year!

If you have any thoughts or questions please post them in the comments!

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