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Sometimes as a Salesforce admin I’ve been asked to do things which just seem ridiculously old school, not very efficient and may involve actual paper. When I cannot convince someone to click through a few screens, instead of printing or having an email sent to them, it gets my admin panties all in a bunch.  (Wouldn’t that be cool, to have actual admin panties?!)

Sexy Sys Admin Women's Boy Brief

Not actually surprised that these exist! Thanks Cafe Press Canada!

But when working with a nonprofit, you gotta just let it go. And that is how this printable donor profile came into being.

My pro bono client: The Cedar River Clinics, which are fantastic, independent reproductive & LGBTQ health clinics in Renton, Seattle, and Tacoma.

My task:  Create a one-page document with important donor information.  The development director will print the doc and hand it to the executive director to review before she calls a major donor. 

TADA! A quick action button that opens a Visualforce page that looks great to print.

household profile

100-super-administrator-women-s-hip-hugger-underwearEDIT 1/29/19: Obvs you want the gifts to be listed in chronological order. So I’ve modified the Visualforce page and built a Controller Extension for the Account object.

Here’s the code in github. It uses the new “Notes” related list rather than “Notes and Attachments.” I removed all the fields that are custom so you can copy and paste it!

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