Attach Meeting Notes on Events


Samantha C. asked in the Power of Us Hub: “Does anyone know if you can track meetings with salesforce? We are looking to track our meetings and add a few bullet points about those meetings so we can look back and see where something left off.” And I was curious how it could be done. Here’s the answer in Lightning.


  1. Modify the Event page layout to include the related list for Notes.
  2. Create an Event.
    1. If your attendees are Contacts, you could enter them in the Name field. meeting notes1
    2. If your attendees are Users, you could enter them as People in the “Attendees & Resources” section. I think this will send them an email inviting them to the Event. You can use Lightning Sync to connect your events to your Google or Microsoft Calendars. If you don’t want to do that, make a Contact record for your users for this purpose.usersmeeting
  3. Go to the Notes object.
    1. Create a new Note with your meeting notes. It automatically saves for you.
    2. Click “Add to Records” and connect the Note to your Event, and any other records you want.meeting3
  4. When you go back to look at the look at the Note later, it will show you which records it’s related to. notes3
  5. When you look back at your Event later, on the related tab you’ll see the Note!


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