Use ChatGPT to Respond to Emails in Salesforce

Don’t know what to write to a customer or a major donor? Not sure how to be kind and encourage someone to try a little harder next time? ChatGPT can do that for you. And now you can use it right inside Salesforce to respond to your emails.

My colleague Brian Ricter wrote an apex class connecting Flow with ChatGPT. It takes a string, sends that as the prompt to ChatGPT and returns the response. You can use this apex action in a flow to do anything you want with ChatGPT!

I’ve utilized Brian’s apex action in a screen flow that helps you respond to a contact’s most recent email. And I’ve packaged it up for you to install easily.

In this demo, our company sells pet rocks. We’ve received a kind email from our customer Bob. Let’s use ChatGPT to respond to Bob in a friendly way and in a flirty way.
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