Lightning Learning

Salesforce continues to grow and acquire new technologies and develop new features and while I pride myself on knowing the declarative side of the platform well, what I truly pride myself on is knowing the platform well enough to do the research quickly and efficiently to answer the ultimate question: Can we do this with clicks, and if so what is the best way?

So in the spirit of learning and sharing, here are a couple cool things I learned about recently…

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Customize Campaigns in Lightning

Campaigns are a flexible, native object that allow you to track your engagement efforts and performance in Salesforce. The great thing about Salesforce Campaigns is you can customize the fields and page layouts to fit your needs. Lightning has changed the ways we Interact with Campaigns, Setup, and especially page layouts.

This post is the second in a series of three blog posts about Salesforce Campaigns in Lightning. This post will provide an overview of how to customize Campaigns in Salesforce for the Lightning admin. If you’re interested in an overview of Campaigns, I suggest you start with the first post in this series, Salesforce Campaigns in LightningThe third post, Manage Campaign Members in Lightning, walks you through how to manage Campaign Members step-by-step. 

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