Flow: Display Photo or Upload Photo

The flow will display either a photo or remind you to upload one. On any object!

How It Works:

The Flow looks for a file attached to that record with the title “SalesforcePhoto” (or another phrase of your choosing).

The File gets the title from the name of the file when you upload it. If you upload SalesforcePhoto.jpg, the title becomes “SalesforcePhoto.” You could also open the File details in Salesforce and change the title.

If that file is found, it’s previewed thanks to the work of Narender Singh, (of course)!

If not found, it asks you to upload a file from your computer named SalesforcePhoto and attaches it to that record. From then on the, the flow displays the photo!

To Set It Up:

Check the box Pass Record ID into this variable.
  1. Install this package.
  2. Add the flow to your Lightning record page.
    1. Let’s say you want to add this to a contact page, start by looking at a contact record.
    2. Click on the setup gear.
    3. Select Edit Page.
    4. From the list of components on the left, select Flow and drag that into the right column or wherever you want.
    5. Select the flow “Contact Photo Needed.”
    6. Check the box “Pass record ID into this variable.” {!Record.Id} will fill in automatically.
    7. Save. And activate if you need to.
  3. If you want your files to be named something other than “SalesforcePhoto,” open the Flow and modify the constant called PhotoTitle (see video above).


Narender Sigh made the component that previews files. Find that here.

Couldn’t have figured it out without Jennifer W. Lee’s blog post on using Files in flow.

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