5 Steps of Flow Loops

Repeat these steps whenever you need to look through a bunch of records

In less then 12 minutes, you’ll learn the five steps and be able to update the records in your collection.

Thanks to 100 Days of Trailhead for hosting this video on their YouTube channel and nudging me to make a follow up which will debut soon.

Here’s your five steps:

  1. Use a Get Records element to create a collection of records.
  2. Start your loop to look through the collection.
  3. Add an assignment element to update the record that’s currently in the loop (you’ll see in this video) or create a new record (in the follow up video coming soon).
  4. Add another assignment element to add the item in the loop to a new collection. End the loop.
  5. Use an Update Records element to update your collection made in step 4.

Watch the video. The YouTubers love it!

WOW! Thanks everybody!

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