Get Salesforce Practice by Tracking Your Habits

Want more practice learning Salesforce? Don’t have experience beyond Trailhead? Build an app to help you track good or bad habits. This is a win-win-win: hone your app builder skills, improve your habits, and you’ll have a cool app to show off in job interviews.

Salesforce Skills Used

  • Create a custom object and fields
  • Create reports
  • Create dashboard components
  • Make it mobile friendly
  • Problem solving: how to turn real life issues into measurable data
  • Send email every 3 days with stats
  • Bonus: Screen flow for easy tracking

My version: Migraine Tracking App

Forget record-triggered flows or apex triggers. The real demons are migraine triggers. I want to build an app to track when I have one of my trigger foods and when I have symptoms.

I have a threshold for tolerance of delicious triggers. I can eat some chocolate, dairy or red wine without reaching the threshold and getting sick, but I don’t know what the threshold is. Can building my own tracking app help?


  • I want to quickly enter in a mobile app when I eat one of my trigger foods.
    • Example: 5oz red wine today
  • I want to track when I have a migraine or symptoms.
    • Example: Mild nausea today.
  • Let’s assign each trigger food a point value. Totaling up the points I’m consumed for the past 30 days, how close am I to the threshold?
    • Example: 6oz red wine is 5 points, and within the last 30 days, I want to stay under 20 points. When I actually do have a migraine, I can see how many points I’d consumed recently to help me fine tune what the actual threshold is.
  • Show me how many days it’s been since I had a migraine symptoms.
  • Show me how many days since I ate one of my trigger foods.
  • Send me an email every 3 days to let me know how long I’ve felt good and how long I’ve eaten well, or if I’m getting close to hitting the threshold.
  • If I have been trigger-free for 14 days, I earn one reward. (If I don’t eat any of the bad foods, it’s most likely safe for me to eat one of bad foods guilt free – gimme the chocolate milk!)

Your Turn: Build Your Own Version

  • Want to do less of something? Track your drinking, eating junk food or watching tv. (An app for tracking your drinking will only be appropriate to show off in interviews if you’re succeeding!)
  • Want to do more of something? Track when you exercise, study or go out of your way to be kind!
  • Create an app your kids to use for their chores.
  • Potty training app? I think I’ll use a sticker chart when the time comes.
  • Create your own calorie tracking app.
  • Gamify it by giving yourself rewards or points for days without drinks or days you meet your goals.

Let me know!

Have you done this already? Or are you motivated to try it? Comment below!

How else could I improve about my own app?

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