Is there a good, fast, cheap solution for web forms?


Transportation Choices used a web designer to make their Salesforce Web-to-Lead form all fancy.

QUESTION: How can I make the simplest, cheapest “contact us” web form that will generate a new lead record in Salesforce and that people would actually want to use?

BACKGROUND RESEARCH: I’ve tested Salesforce’s web-to-lead many times in free Google Sites, but research indicates most nonprofits are using WordPress.

HYPOTHESIS: A WordPress site and Salesforce’s ancient web-to-lead form will get the job done.

WEBINAR PLUG: Tomorrow Get Started with Engagement:  Build Web Forms. Tue, Apr 14, 2020 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT


  • WordPress: Once you paste the code and post, it no longer shows the fields where you can enter the information.
  • Tested other website building tools to see who would take Web-to-Lead HTML. See results below.


  • WordPress
    • You can’t just paste the Web-to-Lead HTML into WordPress.
    • You can install the free plug-in Brilliant Web-to-Lead configuration (see form below).
    • Here’s the catch: you need to have a Business Plan with WordPress to install plugins (which I do on this site).
    • There are many other plugins that have more bells and whistles, or simple stuff like let you create Contacts.
  • Wix
    • I paid zero dollars to get my website and form set up.
    • I quickly made a free website and was able to paste in my HTML.  Lead generation in under an hour.
  • Squarespace
    • I’ve heard advertised all the time so I thought I’d give that a shot.
    • I bought a one month plan and was able to paste in my HTML.
    • Bonus: it updates the font and looks better than in Wix.
  • Why would anyone want to use Web-to-Lead?
    • You have 0 budget, time or skills, and you want to share your amazing something-or-other with the world right now.
    • Your web developer is a single mother in quarantine with four children (one with ADHD) and two older parents (neither of whom can find their show on Netflix), and you need a new sign up form right away for your virtual drum circle.  You got this.
    • You have the capacity to hire web designers, but you still only need the form to create leads for you.  Thank you  MVP Barbara Christensen  for  sharing  these  gorgeous  examples.
  • What if I need something more fancy than this simple lead form?

Example Forms

These example forms are for signing up to become a dog foster parent with the non-existent Ugly Dog Adoption Agency.

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce Plugin

This version uses the plugin of this name to generate leads in Salesforce.


* These fields are required.

Form Assembly Contact Form

This version is HTML pasted directly from Form Assembly and creates a contact record AND campaign member record.

Contact Us Form

Web-to-Lead HTML Pasted into Wix

Check out my web-to-lead form on Wix and the gorgeous template ready to go for animal shelters!


Web-to-Lead HTML Pasted into Squarespace

Check this out here before May when my subscription expires. Otherwise, here’s an image:

Image of web-to-lead form on a Square Space webpage. The font of the form matches that of the rest of the page which looks slick.

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