I just said I don’t want any email!

Hip hip hurray! My unmanaged package Unsubscribe Link is now available for free on AppExchange! This package will allow your constituents to unsubscribe from all emails for your organization. Email with link to unsubscribe from all emails at the bottom.

The package includes an automatic confirmation email, but you can turn that feature off. Watch the video below and/or follow these instructions:

Turn off Automatic Confirmation Email

  1. Install the package and all set up. Instructions here.
  2. Open the Flow “Unsubscribe Part 1.”
  3. Click on Action: Confirmation Email and click the little trashcan icon.
  4. Double click on Screen: ConfirmationScreen.
  5. Click on the text “Thank you. You have successfully unsubscribed {!Email}.You will receive a confirmation email shortly.” in the middle of the Edit screen.
  6. Click into where you can edit the text in the right column. Delete the last sentence about the confirmation email, or tell people they WON’T receive confirmation.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Draw a line connecting Create Records and ConfirmationScreen. Do that by clicking on the white dot on Create Records and dragging that over to the white dot on Confirmation Screen.
  9. Save As a new version of the Flow.
  10. Click Activate.

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