Flow Basics for Nonprofit Admins

Jessie speaking at Dreamforce

That’s me living my dream while the audience listens on headphones.

Learning how to build a Flow is like interacting with a volunteer who…needs some extra help. Through these videos, I explain some of the trickier flow concepts for admins: “get records” and “record variables.” I was lucky enough to give his presentation at Dreamforce 2019.

Good news: in this version I have unlimited time so I’ve shown all the steps in detail.

More good news: this presentation doesn’t actually utilize anything specific to nonprofits so it’s suitable for you Sales Cloud folks as well.

You’ll find a quick summary of the flow here.



Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Build the first screen

Part Three: Create Records

Part Four: Get Records

Part Five: Final Screen

Download the slides with notes here.


  1. Thanks for this blog post! I am definitely realizing the limitations of PB, and want to start using Flow. This will help get up and running. How long did it take you to start feeling comfortable with Flow?


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