Unsubscribe Link App, Outdated

Go here for the latest version. 

JUNE 2022: PLEASE LET ME KNOW how you are getting to this outdated post. Why is it getting so many hits? Am I linking to it somewhere? Please comment. Thank you!

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Jessie joined Salesforce.org in 2018 to give introductory webinars to nonprofit customers. She now is a Senior Solution Developer supporting nonprofits and education customers at Salesforce. All opinions expressed on this blog are her own or those of the contributors. She's spent 17 years more or less in CRMs and databases, but didn't meet Salesforce until 2011. Jessie co-led the Seattle Salesforce Nonprofit User Group in 2015-2016. She wrote a sh*tty first draft of a novel and hopes to turn it into a screenplay!

46 thoughts on “Unsubscribe Link App, Outdated”

  1. Thanks so much for this, I have tried testing it but I am receiving this error: Error element Create_Unsubscribe_Record (FlowRecordCreate).
    This error occurred when the flow tried to create records: INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE: Unsubscribe__c: bad field names on insert/update call: Contact__c, Status__c, Unsubscribe_Email__c, Lead__c. Do you know what could be the issue here? Thanks again.

    1. Have you given permission to your site guest user to access all of those fields on the Unsubscribe object?

    2. If you’re still not getting it to work, please try the updates for Summer 20. It’s so much easier now!

  2. Not sure what I’m missing here, but I can’t find this:

    (Setup -> User Interface -> Sites and Domains -> Sites)

    1. Edit – nevermind, sites are unavailable in professional edition. Therefore, this app is unavailable in professional edition

      1. Bummer! Sorry about that! Check on AppExchange for edition requirements when installing.

  3. hello we are unable to access, the flow is coming as flow finished when clicked from template.

    1. thanks for trying the app. I need more information. you could email me at jrymph @ salesforce .com

  4. Hey,
    I have completed the process and can send the test mail and unsubscribe.

    Next, how do I automatically add the “unsubscribe” button to the existing or newly created email campaigns?

  5. Hey awesome people,

    Our client complained about the “Your flow is finished” end page. And we attempted to modify your Visualforce Markup of VF page “Unsubscribe” to redirect into client domain (see line 6 below):

    Any ideas where did we exactly mess up on the code to enable the redirect to homepage instead of seeing “Your flow is finished”?
    Or completely get rid of the “Your flow is finished”? page.

    1. Hello! Sorry that I didn’t respond to your earlier comment. Looks like you figured out how to update the templates? don’t see your code here. I will hopefully have time to look into your issue before I go on leave! Thanks for your patience.

  6. Hello – and thanks for this app!
    I installed and configured, I tested and works perfectly.
    I have one question though – I can’t seem to be able to make it work with Lightning Email Templates. I’ve tried to insert the Unsubscribe link in the templates – but I get an error: “This email template has two kinds of merge fields. Remove or replace merge fields in the format {!object.field}, such as {!Contact.FirstName}. Use the merge field picker to insert merge fields with the format {{{Object.field}}}.: HTML Value”

    Any thought on this?
    All our current templates are Lightning so it would be great if we could make unsubscribe work with these.

    1. Thanks for trying the app! First dumb question, did you find the instructions above on working in Lightning templates?

      1. Hey – sorry I missed your reply (I thought i’ll get notified and did not check back). I managed to make it work at that point and ever since.
        Now – it’s not working anymore… I did not change anything on it, we’ve sent plenty of emails since.
        With the current emails sent if you click on unsubscribe you get the message “Something went wrong. Sorry about that. We were not able to unsubscribe you at this time, but we have been alerted about the problem.”

        And I get notified by email.

        Not even sure where to begin debugging 🙁

      2. Hi! I’m on maternity leave right now and don’t have the capacity to help right now. I have gotten an increase in issues lately so I’m guessing that something may have happened with Summer 20 related to Secure Guest User security. My apologies!

    2. Hi! I’m so sorry for the delay. I’ve revised the instructions now for Summer ’20, if you’d like to try again.

  7. Hi Jessie,

    Instructions were pretty straight forward. i believe i configured everything properly. However, when i do a test, and click the unsubscribe link i get a page that simply says “Your Flow Finished”.

    What am i missing?

    1. Hello! A very delayed follow up, but the instructions have been modified now for Summer ’20, if you’re interested in trying it again.

  8. I have installed everything and getting an error with my test contacts selects to unsubscribe. It is creating the Unsubscribe Object but not updating the email opt out field. I get the following error. Something went wrong. Sorry about that. We were not able to unsubscribe you at this time, but we have been alerted about the problem. It runs in debug and I an not getting an email with any error in it. Can anyone help.?

    1. Hi! I’m on maternity leave right now and don’t have the capacity to help right now. I have gotten an increase in issues lately so I’m guessing that something may have happened with Summer 20 related to Secure Guest User security. My apologies!

      1. Hey Jim! So sorry for the delay. I’ve revised the instructions now for Summer 20 if you’re interested in trying it again.

  9. I had the same problem as Jim above – two specific email addresses kicked back errors, it shows nothing in the FoundId field in the error message. I think I’ve partially fixed it by adding lead and account sharing rules as OP specified in the video under Sharing Rules in Spring 20. Those two email addresses still kick back errors but everyone else is able to unsubscribe. I’m not sure why the two email addresses are problematic, they don’t have special characters.

    1. That’s an interesting problem, Kelly! So sorry I wasn’t able to help earlier. I’ve updated the instructions now for Summer 20. No more sharing rules! Hopefully that will help!

  10. Hi Jessie,
    I stumble Upon this package when helping a NGO with a similar requirement. They want to confirm subscribe instead of unsubscribe. I was able to modify the flow in the package. This is a great tool and also very instructions too. Thanks for creating this!!

    One thing want to see if you have any pointer. What is the best to make the initial email sent manually and the confirmation email have the same From Name and Email address?

      1. Hi Jessie,
        No worries. I figured it out, by editing the Site Guest User name.
        That’s the email from name appear from the confirmation email.

        On another note, in case others are run into this also.
        When using Lightning Email Template, the email goes out, but when clicking the link it didn’t work for me initially because it was not encoded by default.
        So instead of three curly bracket. I tried two instead. Then it work.

        At the end, I was able to modify it to help a NGO send out subscription sign up email automatically (using workflow + a workaround) upon a new contact.

        Thanks again Jessie for creating this App

      2. Hi Jessie,

        I am also not sure. But when I first tried the {{{ , the link didn’t work.
        I found online that the outer { is relate to encoding, so it then work after I use {{.

        Anyway, when I tried it again now with {{{ it work again.
        Not sure why, but all good now.


  11. HI Jessie,
    Thanks for the hard work! I have just installed from app-exchange and followed instructions. I am on lightning.
    A couple things have come up:
    Where can I change the text for the confirmation email?

  12. Hi Jessie,

    Thanks for the application it looks great, however, unfortunately the “Email Opt Out” box” doesn’t get ticked in my case. I’ve followed all of the steps and app does look to be connecting to the contact as there’s a log in the “Unsubscribe” related list with an error status..

    I’d appreciate any ideas how to fix that, as the app looks quote good.

    Kind Regards,

  13. Hi, I just installed the app posted on the AppExchange and do not have the Unsubscribe Visualforce Page. Could it be under a different Label?

    1. Hey Sherry, can you please send me a screen shot of the list of components in the package? Go to Setup, Installed Packages, click on the package name, then view components. Take a screen shot and email me. Thanks!

  14. Hi Jessie

    I’m trying to uninstall the application and reinstall the new version. I renamed the visual force page, but keep getting an error that says that the component is in use by another component in my org. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Instead of renaming the old page, pick an unrelated visual force page and make that the main page for your site.

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