Why I’m excited to attend Forcelandia 2018 and you should be too!

As a more advanced Salesforce admin/configurator/”admineloper”/consultant (i.e. all the hats but dev), it’s often hard for me to find content at conferences that hits that sweet spot right before one ventures into code. I’m talking Custom Settings, advanced formula logic, Custom Metadata Types, integrations and external objects, cool deployment tools, and of course, flows and all they have to offer, etc! When I look for content I don’t want to watch another training on how to set up Sales Path or how to use process builder, I’ve got that covered, and when I do have questions I can usually find the answer using searchtheforce.com. That is why this year I’m super excited for all the advanced admin content offered at Forcelandia.

Some sessions I’m excited about:

And of course I hope some of you are excited to attend my session: Salesforce automation: Phenomenal Cosmic Power (itty bitty query space)

There may or may not be cookies 😉

Another great aspect of Forcelandia is the small size of the conference. Attendees have the opportunity to really connect with both each other and the great speakers. This year the Forcelandia team is doing something special to make sure everyone can connect, read more about it here.

If you’re an admin that wants to dive deep into the force and you haven’t registered already, I suggest you do! Forcelandia might be a conference for developers but it’s not JUST for developers.

Hope to see you there!

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